Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Letter to my Mother-in-law.

That's been a lot happening lately, but about that another day. Now I just want to post a 'letter to Granny". Just if in time I will forget to tell you how important your Granny was to me, here's a little something to always remember; this is the Eulogy I wrote for Granny's funeral service:

You all know what Jean meant to each and everyone of you. So, I will not talk about who Jean was to the world. I will only say a few words about what she meant to me, the role she had in my life for the past 9 years. I could talk about how wonderful she was for days, but you would probably all get hungry, tired and grumpy, so I will try and keep it short.  I lost my own Mother 11 years ago and I, of course, was heartbroken. I wandered in the big, mean world feeling like an orphan for a while, and then I met Jean. She became my second Mother.
She was always there for me if I needed an opinion, an advice or, simply to complain about Graham. There have been times when he’d upset me and I called Mum to tell on him. Now this should tell anyone what an amazing woman she really was; she would listen and advise, but she never judged, she never told me off, even though I was bad-mouthing the son she adored. She was not only my second Mother, but over the years she became my confessor and firstly, my best friend.
I am sure that in all this years I must have said some things that upset her, but she never told me about them. She has never ever said a bad nor mean word to me. She had never felt like a Mother-in-law to me, but only like a Mother. She taught me that it’s not blood ties that make a family, but the love.
She was one of the kindest people I have ever met. Warm, wonderful and with a great sense of humour. One of the very few people who got my jokes. Just ask Graham, he never gets them! The first time I met her, she looked at me and said: “Oh, you are shorter than me!”
I was so scared to meet Graham’s parents! And after half an hour I was not only scared, but embarrassed, too! I couldn’t understand a word they were saying and they couldn’t understand a word I was saying! So Graham was acting as a “their English” to “my English" translator. But over the years I got used to Mum’s accent and she got used to my accent and we talked every day.
She was my best advisor, my go-to person for comfort, the person who would always listen to me when I was upset, sad or simply frustrated, about all things going not-quite easy with Victoria’s treatment. I’m going to miss her wonderful Scottish accent, her loving way, her comforting, I’m going to miss her!
She was also, a wonderful Granny to Victoria. They loved each other dearly and I know Victoria is going to miss her a lot. She was the only Grand-parent Victoria ever knew. I feel sad to know that my child will grow up not knowing the love of a Grandparent. I was one of the lucky people in the world to have 4 marvellous grandparents until late in life, so I know the importance they have in children’s life. Granny used to say “I love you, Darling!” to Victoria in her beautiful Scottish accent and that always put a smile on Victoria’s face. I also know that Granny will tell Grandpa all about Victoria and Chelsea and Alex and together they will watch over the girls.
        Ever since Dad died, there hasn’t been a day go by without Mum missing him. And she left us in time to join Dad up in heaven for their 50th wedding anniversary. I am sure Dad has been waiting for his beautiful bride to join him.
        I am sad she is not here with us anymore, but I am happy and honoured to have had the privilege to meet her!
We will miss you, Granny and we will always carry you and your love in our hearts.
With love and respect, Nadia.