Thursday, September 20, 2012

Junior Kindergarten

We started school! September 6 was the day you proved your independence! We went to school, Daddy and I came in to help you find your locker, you gave us a hug and kiss and off you went without giving us a second look! Made is so much easier for us to see how excited you are, and happy and willing to go have some fun with "your kids". That's what you call them: "My kids!" :)  I knew you wanted to go to school, you've said it all summer long, but I was still nervous, I thought maybe when we get there and we leave, you'll change your mind, but no way! There's 18 kids in your class. Such a difference from what you're used to. But I guess is a very nice experience for you, having all these kids around you. 

You said you want to learn about dinosaurs, Earth, and human body, because you want to be a Doctor when you grow up. We are very proud of you, you can write not only your name, but almost all the letters (except N, M and Z). It's been now 2 weeks, you are still excited and happy to go to school. And, of course, as it was expected, you got a cold! Even with all the precautions we took, even with all the hand washing, table disinfecting, you still got a virus. Which, being the generous girl that you are, felt like you had to share it with Mommy :)
We love you and we are very, very proud of you! Your teacher told me you are an 'extraordinary child' :) and that we should be very proud of you, which we absolutely are!