Thursday, August 02, 2012

Victoria the Victorious!

Ahhhhhhh! Treatment is DONE! :) But not without a last adventure!

Firstly, on Tuesday, June 5th, 2012, after Granny's funeral service, where you fell in absolute love with your cousin Shelby :), we went to the restaurant with the rest of the family. About 3 pm when we got home, I took your leggings off and your legs were covered in small red bumps! I gave the leggings to Daddy and told him you got allergic to them, so he threw them in the garbage. About 7pm while having dinner, I saw a few more of those bumps on your arms, so Daddy and I thought it was chicken pox! I called Dr. on call, it was Dr. P. and she said to just go to clinic in the morning, but if they multiply or if you get a fever to call her again. At about 10:30, with the light from my cell phone, I checked you and there were a lot more on your arms and now on the face, too. So I called Dr. P. again and she said to bring you to ER. We got to ER before midnight and they were waiting for us. Dr. P. had called them. Stephen, one of the ER nurses came to meet me at the door, I checked you in while you were waiting in the car with Daddy. I came to get you, Stephen put a mask on you and got us straight into a room. After a long wait, a medical student came to see you, poor girl, had no idea what she was doing, so she called a resident. Between the 2 'medical prodigys' they determined that you indeed had chicken pox. They sent us home with a prescription for antivirals. But, miracle of miracles of chicken pox! By morning more then half of the rash was gone! Daddy couldn't fill in the prescription, because the "Dr." wrote the wrong concentration... what a surprise! And by the time we went to clinic on Thursday, they were all gone! So, of course they misdiagnosed you. But Daddy deciphered the mystery; at the restaurant, I had a Caesar salad (bad Mommy!) and when I cut your fish, I used my fork with probably some residues of salad dressing with anchovies paste on it, which caused an allergic reaction! Oh, well, allergy... chicken pox... to a medical student and an ER Resident is all the same!

A few weeks ago, as you were neutropenic, I woke up at about 1am and you were burning! Of course, because of neutropaenia, we had to go to ER. You had a lot of low fevers during this 2 years, but this time it was quite high and neuts were 0.4, so that meant that we had to be checked in the ward. We stayed in the ward for two days, we still don't know what caused the fever, and after a period of 36 hours fever-free, the Dr. allowed us to come home.

On July 11th, we had scheduled an MRI, LP and Bone Morrow Biopsy, all in the same sedation. So, we went to the clinic as soon as you woke up and got you accessed and got some D5 to avoid an hypoglycaemic episode. Everything was fine, appointment was at 12, but you got in at 1pm! Daddy and I were waiting outside to be called in and Cheryl (nurse) came outside, on her way home to tell us that everything was fine. I asked her to please let us go in, we had to make sure we were there when you woke up and she took Daddy and I in the recovery room. I guess sometimes a bit of pushing is ok... You were out of MRI for about half an hour and still didn't wake up. So, we did a glucose level check, which was a bit on the low side, but still safe, it was 4.3. Cheryl left and I checked your vital signs and started to panic; your Blood pressure was 70/33 and heart rate was 60! I told the nurse to call the anesthetist immediately, and she was standing there telling me that she's not panicking yet... I told her to stop talking to me and start calling the Dr. She found another Dr in the recovery room at the OR (not even the same one who sedated you and left!) and this Dr. (Dr. Bruce) told her that we should bring you to OR, so she can observe you. In the mean time I was trying really hard to wake you up! By God! I have never been so scared in my whole life! My child, the reason of my life, my love wasn't waking up! I was so scared you were going to go into shock and here is this nurse, telling me she's not panicking!!! I managed to wake you up for a second, I asked if you could say "Hi" to me. You tried, but no words were coming out! I kept trying so hard to keep you awake, but your eyes kept closing! By the time we got to OR, the nurse gave you a bolus, at Dr.'s orders and we managed to half wake you, your blood pressure was coming up nicely, the heart rate increased, the glucose level was up at 5.7! The nurse asked Daddy to wait outside and then is when you started talking. You called Daddy, loud and clear! I let Daddy walk out and then I asked Dr. Bruce to please allow Daddy back into the room, because you need both your parents by your side. She asked me to allow the nurses 5 minutes and then they will call Daddy back inside. Dr. Bruce said that now it was safe to let you sleep if you want to, but I was so afraid, so I kept waking you up. Dr. offered a pop-sickle when you are awake enough, but I asked her if you could have some home-made chicken soup, since this is what you always have after a sedation. She said that if you want it, you can have anything! So I asked you if you want to wake up and eat. You woke up right away, ate a thermos full of soup, we got moved to the Same Day Surgery, because we could not be discharged from OR. In SDS, they didn't know how to de-access so we got wheeled to the ward, where Michael de-accessed you on the hallway so we can come home. What a day! What a 2 years!!! But now it's all over, we can start learning how to live our lives normally. 

Two days after all that craziness, Diana came to Canada for 2 weeks, so she's here for the last treatment. She got here on Friday, July 13 and we had 2 FUN weeks. We went to Wonderland, where you wanted to go with Diana on all the rides. Diana went with Daddy on two big rides, as well, but it was all about you, as usual :). After that, we went to Marineland and another day to Toronto Zoo. Then, to celebrate the end of treatment, on July 26, 2012, we went to Niagara Falls and we saw Happy Feet and Sponge Bob on 4D. A couple nights before that, you told me that you wished we could go into the TV to see the Dinosaurs. When I said that is impossible, you said that then you wish they could come out of the TV and that's when I thought about the 3D theaters. Unfortunately, they didn't have any more dinosaurs 3D movies, but you enjoyed the Happy Feet and Sponge Bob. 

To be continued... with pictures! :)