Saturday, November 12, 2011

Memoirs for my daughter, part 8

Today is November 12, 2011 and I am trying to catch up with my diary. This is the entry I made on Oct. 29, 2010:
Yesterday we went to the clinic and the glucose level was 3.6. The endocrinologist Dr. (Resident, Dr. Jassass) came to talk to us and told us to go to the Pharmacy and get a glucometer and check your glucose level at bedtime, midnight and morning, before breakfast. We did that last night and the levels were 14.1 (high, but you just had Orange juice, and dinner), 8.1 at midnight and 5.5 at 5am. After the clinic we went for a bone density test and I can say that you are definitely the best little girl in the world! You just laid on the bed as the technician asked you to and never even moved, until we were done. And for being such a good girl, you got lolly-pops and stickers. You wore your pirate Princess dress that we got for Halloween and everyone admired you, as always. :) We love you very much and we want you to know that you make us very proud.

I haven't wrote in two months!!! And a lot has happened. Even though we are still struggling with hypo-glycemia, we did spend a night in ER with hyper-glycemia. On Dec. 9, 2010 you had an L.P. and at night when we checked your glucose, it was 27!!! We think it was because of too much glucose they administered IV during your sedation. Daddy called the Dr. and they told us to take you to Emergency. We tried to dress you, but you were not very alert, we couldn't really dress you. Daddy got really scared, he was actually crying and told me to call 911. We got to the ER and without them doing anything at all, it went down on its own, within an hour, to 7.6! But we spend the night there, anyway, just to be safe.
We had a good Christmas, Santa brought you a lot of presents. The night before Christmas you did throw up, we woke up in the middle of the night because you threw up! You must've felt pretty sick, because we walked through the living room and even though you saw all the presents, you never said anything about them. We went and woke up Daddy and he changed the bad for us and put everything in the washing machine.  But in the morning you were soooo excited when you saw that the plate where you left Santa's cookies was empty! And after that you got excited about the presents.  Tonight is New Year's Eve and we started the dexamethasone yesterday, but you are fine. Thank God you are fine! It's so hard for us to see you in pain, to see you suffer and not to be able to take all that pain upon us so you don't have to suffer any of this.

We love you very much!