Monday, April 02, 2012

Liar, liar, pants on fire :(

This is part 2 of the post "When the truth comes out".  I lost my trust in the medical and admin staff at the clinic, after so many lies. So, this morning I called the dermatology department at McMaster to try and find out when the requisition was sent. I told the receptionist that it's been a few weeks and I was just wondering why is taking so long to get an appointment. The receptionist told me that they do not have any record of a requisition on your name, but she will transfer me to the booking Department. The lady at the booking said she did not have a requisition on your name for any appointments. They still didn't sent it!!! I am fuming! Twice so far, they lied to us about that appointment! Twice! Maybe Andrea was hoping that if she said they sent it 2 weeks ago, we wouldn't even bother to call and find out! She could have at least had the decency to send one on Thursday, after she lied to us for the second time. But, eh, why bother, right?! WRONG! I called Andrea, I told her that I am very disappointed about all this. She said she'll find out what happened and she'll call us at about 3PM. So, she should be calling in about an hour. So, part 3 in an hour or so... or tomorrow, whenever she calls.

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