Thursday, March 29, 2012

When the truth comes out!

Today, I'm in a kind of a bad mood, kind of disappointed again, by the medical staff at McMaster. As I was saying before, about 7 weeks ago, I asked the Dr. to send a requisition to the dermatology department. After the March 1st L.P. I asked Andrea to check and see if a requisition has been sent to the dermatology and the answer was yes, it was sent weeks ago. Today, I asked Andrea where the dermatology department is located in the Hospital, because I would like to go and talk to them personally, because I feel this is ridiculous, it's been 7 weeks since the requisition was sent and they didn't even call to tell us when we had an appointment. She said that actually, after I asked her again on March 2nd, she looked into it, didn't find a requisition and then she sent one 2 weeks ago! I can not believe that they (she) looked us in the eye, time after time and lied to us, telling us that it was sent 7 weeks ago! And now, that she knew we would go there and ask questions, the truth will come out, she decided to finally tell us that nobody even bothered! I asked her a few times who messed up this time and she kept dancing around the answer. I asked her to answer my question and just tell us if the Doctor didn't write the requisition or if the receptionist or the nurse didn't sent it! Well, apparently, it is not the nurse's job to send it, and she didn't find any trace of requisition, so she didn't know what happened. I asked Andrea why she told me 5 weeks ago that the requisition was sent? She said that that was what the receptionist told her. So, I guess by this that the Doctor did write the requisition, since the receptionist knew about it, but she didn't sent it to dermatology! I told Daddy weeks ago that if they did not sent it, they would never tell us. I guess I was right, they only told us when backed up in a corner!
Well, the Doctor that wrote the requisition is the same Doctor who wrote a prescription wrong! You are taking Septra  half a pill 3 times a week, to prevent pneumonia. The bottle Daddy just brought from work had a label on it that said to give it to you twice a day, 3 times a week. Daddy told the pharmacist they made a mistake, but when she took out the prescription, she showed Daddy that it was not her mistake, but the Doctor's. 
Why am I still surprised about all those mistakes? Maybe I am just still hoping that one day, eventually, somebody will actually do their job properly? 

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