Friday, March 02, 2012


Yesterday, March 1, 2012 we had a Lumbar Puncture and Dr. Portwine took a sample of Bone Marrow to check it and make sure there are no leukemia cells left. Because of hypo-glycemia, Mommy and Daddy stayed up until mid-night, when we woke you up for corn starch and then we all went to sleep. We woke you up at 6am, did a glucose level check, got dressed and went to the clinic. Last week we asked the nurses about the corn-starch and Zrinka said to give it to you still at 2am, as usual. We didn't take the chance, because we didn't want to get at the clinic at 7am and be told that they can't do the procedure until 10 or so, because of the 2am corn-starch. We also asked that if the glucose level was low, could we go early morning in the ward to have you accessed. She said they won't do that, so we decided that if it was low, we would've went to the ER to have you accessed and then we'd go upstairs. But the glucose level was 4.4, so we just went at the clinic. We were there first, at 7am. We measured and weighed you, you are 12.9 kilos and 93.2 cm. We gave Rena the numbers and a while later Judy came and asked if she could do another height check, because there is a difference of 2 cm since 3 weeks ago. Well, what do you know!? The measurement is correct. You did grow 2 cm in 3 weeks. That is really good, especially since Dr. Jassass said that your growth hormone is a bit low. You were the first to go in the procedure room. It is always so very scary for us when you are put to sleep. When you woke up you didn't want to eat, you just had a spoon full of soup and a couple of sips of water. Vicky came by and sat and talked to us for a bit. Then Lisa de-accessed you and then we came home. As soon as we got home you did eat 2 bowls of won-ton soup that Mommy made for you and then you had a 3 hours nap on the couch. At 7pm you started crying, telling me "Mommy, I'm so tired!", so we did our bed-time routine really quick and by 8:30 the tv was off, lights off and by 9 we were all sleeping! This morning, you woke up really well rested after a long time. Woke up at 8am and spent some time with Daddy, while Mommy went at driving lessons. 
I will stop now, because your dinner is ready, we're having chicken and potatoes in the oven, again, at your request! Your order is my command :) I'd make anything, as long as you eat! And you did ask me once, a few weeks ago "Mommy, how do you make this chicken soooo good?" :) And so would Daddy. Last night he made you hamburger helper again. :) I love you more than anything in the world! And Daddy loves you more than anything in the world.

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