Saturday, November 16, 2013

Not a thing on Earth I would not do for you.

Last year you had a bag full of scarfs, but wouldn't wear them, because you said they 'strangle' you. No turtlenecks, no scarfs, no jackets zipped all the way up. So, what do I do? I give them all away. All good, until one day you start asking for a scarf! Ok, let's go out and buy a scarf, I say. Well, that's easier said than bought! No store sells scarfs for kids. So, we went to Michael's, a craft store and bought the yarn, the knitting needles, and I was ready to get knitting. The only problem?! I did not hold a pair of knitting needles in 25 years! In school, I started numerous scarfs, but I have never ever finished one. But this time is different, right? My baby wants one. And since there is no Grand-mother to knit you one, I guess Mommy has to step up to the plate and hit this ball hard enough to make it to the finish line. Yes, this is what ten years of living with Daddy did, made me speak in baseball language (well, kind of). :) So, I started knitting and I knitted hard for 2 whole days. I neglected the cleaning, the washing, the cooking, just to make you a scarf and to make you happy. But the good news is I finished it! And you are so happy. Here it is, a picture to prove it. I love you and I would do anything to make you happy. Even the unthinkable like knitting a scarf! 

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