Thursday, November 28, 2013

Sharing joy.

Yesterday, on our way home from the store, Diana (my sister) called. I pulled over and answered the phone, just for her to say that she found a really nice song on youtube and she called, so we hear it, as well. Oh, I love her so. Our Mother instilled this in us, the sharing; any time one of us sees or hears something nice, we have to let the other one know about it, so she enjoys it, too. I remember when we were kids in school, growing up in a Communist Country, we did not have much. And chocolate was one of those things kids did not see very often. So, if one of us would get a square of chocolate at school, we would wrap it in a piece of paper, bring it home and share it. And we always did it. Even now, at almost 40 years old, we still share. We feel we can not completely enjoy things (yes, even a song) if we don't enjoy them together. I think this is why I so much wanted her here for your last treatment, so my joy can be complete and absolute. Even she was here, my joy still was not "complete and absolute", because Granny was not here anymore. But I am sure that from up in Heaven she celebrated with us. You used to ask me if Granny can see you and I always told you that she is always around you; just because we don't see her, it does not mean she's not here with us. Just like the sun; we don't see it at night, but it does not mean it is not there. We don't need to see it to know it is there!
Anyway, here's the song Diana called about:


  1. Hi, I was following your blog a few years back and admiring your strength and your love for your little daughter... SO now I am wondering how you are, how she is, how she recovered... Would love to read some fantastic news!
    All the best, Maya

    1. Hello, Maya. (Love your name, BTW!)
      We are all doing well. Really well. My Victoria is healthy, she's happy, she remembers next to nothing from that time, which is good. She does occasionally get "a feeling " or a bit of memory that she can't quite place. But she tells us about it, usually, and we fill in the gaps for her.
      We thank you for your interest. I wrote the blog for Victoria, so she can read it whenever she wants to know more, so I never thought I should update it past the end of the treatment.
      Victoria just started Grade 4! :) She's doing really well in school. We are going away on holidays in a few days. Looking forward to that and all else that life will send our way. For future plans, Victoria is still oscillating between becoming a Doctor or a Marine Biologist. (I think it would be the latter, she loves marine life and she already knows a lot about it, from documentaries and encyclopedias.
      All the best to you, Maya. Thank you, again.