Sunday, September 11, 2011

Memoirs for my daughter, part 3

We went home on July 18 and went back to the Hospital with yet another fever, only 2 days later. On July 12 you got pretty sick again and Mommy had to make a big fuss again for them to do something. I demanded that either a Dr. gets in your room in the next 2 minutes or the PCCU team is called!. Your fever was 38.5C and your hands and feet were cold and you started shaking again. Dr. Lieberman came in nad said that you were septic, but not in shock yet! and administered fluid right away! That helped immediately.

July 15, finally, THE day! Day 32! Steroids are over with! Oh, the time we had! It was so very hard to sit on the bed beside you and watch you wiggle and scream, while you wouldn't even let me touch you! You were pulling your hair, my hair, you were kicking and screaming, hitting your head with your tiny fists, hitting me, for no apparent reason! During the 32 days, Daddy only saw you once doing this, it so happened that every time you had a melt-down caused by the steroids, it was when Daddy was at work! But they are over!
The Dr. took a bone marrow sample and on July 16 we had the results back. YOU ARE LEUKEMIA FREE! There were no leukemia cells found! Oh, the happiness, the relief! I finally saw Daddy smile again!

You were supposed to get a high dose of methotrexate today, but because the Dr. found an bacterial infection in your blood, we will do another treatment for the nex cycle (each cycle lasts 3 weeks).
The CBC (Cell Blood Count) is going up, you got some imune system now and things are getting better.

On July 19 the Dr. gave us the OK to take you out of your room, for walks, around the Hospital, so for the next few days you came downstairs with Daddy and Mommy for coffee.
Madrina and Padrino are still coming every day to see you. They love you very much, they are very supportive, Padrino is so ready to make a right fool of him-self just to see you smile, is very touching.
Also, Granny came to see you a lot. I love your Granny! She is such a nice, loving woman. I've also been calling Diana every day to tell her what's happening. And if I didn't call her one day, she would call us.
Today I met Christine, the nurse that was in the ER on June 9. She remembered your name, my name and she told me how impressed she was by you and how touched she was by the bond between us.

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