Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Every night before bed, we check the glucose level. Last night it was 6.2. I made you corn starch with yogurt, 4 measures, as every night (1 measure = 1/2 teaspoon) and we went to sleep, after you played your DSI for a bit, and then you said you wanted to go and sit with Daddy for a bit. You came back, climbed into bed and went to sleep with no fussing. At around 2am, you asked if we would get up. I told you it's the middle of the night and we have to go back to sleep, so you went back to sleep. You tossed and turned so much, until your head was close to my knees and your feet on the back of my head. It wasn't enough, so you started kicking me! I asked you to come up on the pillow. You came, but by 6 am, you were back :) At 6 again you asked if the sun was up and if we can get up. I said not yet, and you went back to sleep. At 7, you woke me up and asked for cold water. I brought you water and you were going back to sleep. But something was telling me, something was wrong. So, I came in the kitchen to get your breakfast, just as Daddy was leaving for work. I asked Daddy to do your finger poke and he did and after that he screamed to me to bring you orange juice.  Your glucose level was 1.9!!! How in the world did it get that low??? You took the same amount of corn starch last night, the room wasn't any warmer than usual that you'd sweat, you didn't have a fever... so, why??? Yet another mystery, yet another question unanswered. You had a lot of juice and a pancake with a lot of syrup. After that you got really tired, but I expected that, so we laid on the couch watching cartoons for about an hour an a half. We had something to eat around 11:30 and then Madrina came over to see you. You are always so very happy to see Madrina! Madrina left around 1pm and an hour later, you were asleep on the couch. About 2 hours later, after school, Belle came over to play and she woke you up when she knocked on the door. Because you were mostly asleep you said you didn't want to play with her. So, I told her we'll call her later. You tried to go back to sleep on the couch, but couldn't, so we went in the kitchen and you had a snack. After your snack you were ready to play! 
We'll go to clinic tomorrow. 6 months from tomorrow and treatment will be done! Well, officially, on July 17, but because we go to clinic on Thursdays, it will be July 19. What a happy day that will be! And after that you want a 'huge tea party". :) Oh, we are so looking forward to that! You want to go on a cruise after the treatment and you want to swim with the dolphins. We are thinking about the cruise somewhere in August. But we have to ask the Doctors if by then it will be safe, only a month after the end of the treatment. So, tomorrow when we go at the clinic, we'll ask Andrea to call a dermatologist to come and look at your hands. The skin is all irritated, all red and crusted, and very itchy. We kept showing it to the Doctors and they keep saying it's ok. Well, I don't think it is. We'll see what the dermatologist will say about it tomorrow. 

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