Monday, January 16, 2012

Moody Princess :)

Posted by PicasaYou are a moody li'l girl :) Last week on Tuesday, Madrina came over with Vienna and one minute you were taking care of Vienna, the next minute, you were taking the toys off her. On Wednesday morning, the mystery was solved, when you asked me if Madrina will not bring Vienna next time, because when she does, Madrina doesn't play with you. I told Daddy that you wouldn't give Vienna a hug and kiss when she left and Daddy said that maybe when Vienna went home, she was upset about it and asked Madrina why you wouldn't hug and kiss her. You reply was that Vienna can't speak yet, so you are not worried about it! Mommy explained to you that just because she doesn't speak, doesn't mean that she can't feel bad about it. Well, yesterday Madrina and Padrino came over for dinner and they brought Vienna with them. The two of you played a little before dinner. At dinner time, you let Vienna sit on your high chair, because you are a big girl now, so you sat on one of the chairs at the table. After dinner, you and Vienna had soooooo much fun together! You were chasing each other from the front door to the back door, laughing the two of you. Before they left, Madrina asked for a pair of socks for Vienna and as I got up to get them, you said you'd bring them! You are so nice and generous with your friend. It's so nice to see that you are willing to give and share without me even asking you. You even shared your yogurt with corn starch with Vienna :) You still take that to keep your glucose level elevated, and Vienna loved it! She was standing there while you took it, and I can;t not give her any. So I gave her twice and then I just put in the same kind of glass yogurt only. She seemed to like it better with the corn starch in it! It is thicker. After they left, we went to bed and you fell asleep pretty quick. I guess you were tired. You woke up about two hours later crying, you had a bad dream. I picked you up and while I was standing up, rocking you, you fell asleep. I laid down, with you on top of me, and you moved a bit and fell off of me! You woke up and cried  again, and I asked you if you wanted to come and lay on me again, and you told me that you can't get up on me. I helped you back up and you went to sleep right away. You keep saying that you are ready to sleep on your own! Well, I am not! :) And I don't think you are, either, because every time you wake up even a little bit during the night, you look for me in bed, you call me and you still play with my nails until you fall asleep. While it's nice to see you become a bit more independent, it's even nicer for my 'mother-soul' to see you still need me. :)
              Today, as every day when we were talking with Madrina, you asked about Vienna. I think you really enjoyed playing with her, you two had a lot of fun last night. Now you are playing with Belle, she's the one you always play with. You are used to playing with her and even though some days you two don't really get along, usually you play nicely. That gives Mommy an opportunity to keep this blog up to date.
               It's so wonderful to hear you laugh and play! The most beautiful sound in the world, to my ears, is definitely your laugh! My heart is so happy when you are happy!


  1. Your laugh is the most beautiful sound in the world!!! When I bring Vienna down to see you I want to see you laugh and play with her. I know you get a little upset because we can not play like we usually do, but the way you two played the other night is how I want to see you play everyday. It's just like when you come to Madrina's you want to play with Wendy and not Madrina!!! Vienna is still only a baby, 16 months old, so she still needs someone to take care of her. So as Vienna get's a little older you soon would rather play with her then me. (But I'm ok with that, as long as you are having fun)
    As for you being a big girl and are ready to sleep on your own, it's Mommy who still needs you, but if she wasn't there when you woke up you would be upset. As for Madrina getting on the floor and playing with you if you ask Mommy she say's I'm broken, and Daddy thinks I'm just on holidays :) I love you. Madrina

  2. Oh, Madrina! You funny, Lady! We love you! And we LOVE Vienna.