Saturday, January 14, 2012


                  Word has it :) that come September you'll start Kindergarten. The big question here is: "How is Mommy going to deal with it?" I know, it sound silly, childish, insane, but I can't see myself being away from you all those hours a day. I am addicted to you, I don't think I could bear the silence of this house with you in JK. The specialists say that this is how we prepare you for the world, how we, as parents, teach our children independence, how we allow you to deal with things without our interference and without our help. All things that I agree with, but, unfortunately, mothers don't come with an 'off' button and the maternal instinct to protect our children follows us through life, from the instant that the child is born. I haven't found yet any psychological 'tips' that would help me go through your first day at school. What am I going to do? How will I deal with it? Am I suppose to wait in the hall-way to still be physically in your proximity or do I have to do it band-aid way, and just come home? I think that this is the problem, I don't trust that a stranger will be able to understand and protect you, the way I would. I am terrified at the thought that I could drop you off at school and you'll be crying until is time to come home. I am terrified at the thought that you might, even for a minute, feel abandoned. 
                  They introduced now the 'full-day' of kindergarten. There is no way that I would take you to a full-day JK! We will have to find a JK that is half-day. Finding a JK is another problem. Since the day you were born, I always said I want you going to a Catholic Kindergarten. The 'pro' is because they have a better discipline. The 'con' would be the concept of God as the Creator of everything. I want you to know about God, but in the same way I want you to know about science. I don't want you to be indoctrinated in a Catholic School that God created the Universe and that's that! I want you to know both sides, religion and science and once you have all the pieces of the puzzle, I want you to make an educated decision, I want you to choose what's right for your life, based on what you know, not on what the teachers in a Catholic School told you you HAVE to believe in. I think that the more I think about it, the more and more I am against Catholic School, but I am not really happy about public School, either. The problem is that the Schools already register for September 2012, so we need to register you already. But, where? I think we will just go visit some schools and see what their policy is about me staying in the class until you get comfortable there, we'll have to see which one you like, we'll have to see which one is stricter against bullying. 


  1. "The 'pro' is because they have a better discipline."
    Are you serious, Nadia?

  2. Felicia, do you know something about the Canadian Catholic School system that I don't? Please, share.