Friday, January 20, 2012

Snow day!

Thursday, January 19, 2012
6 months and treatment will be done!
Snow! Finally! You've been waiting since the beginning of the winter for some snow to make snow angels. And now it's finally here! We went at the clinic and we had the treatment done. The counts are low and it's only week 2. We still think it was way too early to have the dose of Mercaptopurine (6MP) and Methotrexate increased, but Dr. Athali said that for now she doesn't feel that she needs to decrease the dose. But being only week 2 and your neuts and monos together only 0.6, I wonder what will happen next week. The neuts and mono together have to be at least 0.5 to get your treatment, so I am very concerned that next week they will not be high enough for you to get the Methotrexate. I don't think that the increase of one pill of 6MP per cycle it's worth the skipping of a week of Methotrexate. Plus that all the CBC were low, hemoglobin at 104, neuts at 0.5, leukocytes at 1.6, platelets at 109. We'll see the CBC next week and if they keep dropping, then we'll have a talk with the Doctors and hopefully they will decrease the dose. Until this increase you were doing so well. You haven't been neutropenic since April of 2011, you haven't had a blood transfusion since around the same time. And now some... 'fellow', as Jojo called him comes in and pretends to know what he's doing and just ruins everything! Hmmm I'm not very happy right now with the way just anybody is allowed to take decisions there, without being an oncologist. When we were in ER 2 weeks ago, the enzymes level in your liver was very high, at 600, when normally is between 40-60. The following Thursday it was at 180 and this morning I asked the technician in the lab to check the enzymes level as well. She told me they were already ordered. But when Jojo came in to do the treatment I asked her about the results and she went to check. She came back and said that, believe it or not, they didn't do it!!! Sometimes, I just want to scream at everybody in there, so they wake up and to their job properly. Anyway, Jojo took blood and sent it to the lab for the tests. 
When we came home, we had lunch, a little rest and after that we bundled up and went outside. We started making snow angels on the front lawn and then we moved in the back yard and we filled it with snow angels. You were so happy! I am so happy when I see you happy! Your smile is worth more then all the gold in the world! Nothing makes me so happy, as it does your smiling face, your happiness, your laugh! I love you more then anything in this world!

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