Friday, January 20, 2012

There we go... again!

Oh, what a deja-vu feeling! This morning you woke me up at around 8am and I came in the kitchen, I got you a pancake, made my coffee and did your finger-poke. So far, so good, just our usual morning routine, until I read the glucometer! 1.6! I almost got a heart attack! I got you some orange juice right away and went and woke Daddy up. You had some juice, but your hand was so shaky, that you actually spilled half the juice on yourself. I called Dr. Jassass, this wonderful, dedicated endocrinologist who said that we have to bring you to ER and she'll come as soon as they have the blood results. You drank a lot of juice and then you threw up, again, which my guess is that is just the acidity of the orange juice on an empty stomach that always upsets your stomach. I told you that we have to go and then stay there until tomorrow with the nurses, and you seemed to be fine with it. But when I tried to dress you, you started crying and you wouldn't let me dress you. Eventually, you did let Daddy dress you, and we left for the ER. We were about 10 minutes away when Dr. Jassass called my cell, to say that she was in ER waiting for us. I told her we'll be there in 10 minutes. We got there, we went to a room immediately and they skipped protocol; we didn't see the Emergency Doctor, but Dr. Jassass was in there with us all the time. We did a glucose level check as soon as we got there and it was 16.7! So you went from hypoglycemia to hyperglycemia  in 2 hours! Dr. Jassass said that that's a good sign, it tells her that your hormones work just fine and your defense mechanism kicks-in to protect you. That is reassuring. She said that they don't have beds in 3B Ward, so we are right now on a waiting list. She's trying to get us checked in for two nights before we stop the 6MP of this cycle, because she is very sure this is related to 6MP. The first night, we are to do our usual routine and they would collect blood every four hours to see at which point during the night the glucose level drops and the second night, I can feed you at 2am and after that you will not get any food, but they will still collect blood to see how long you can go without food before the glucose level starts to drop. If we can't get a bed by Tuesday night, the latest, then we'll just have to wait until next cycle. Until then, I'll have to give you the corn starch at bed time and then I have to check your glucose level around mid-night or 1am and then to give you more corn starch or the alternative is an NG tube and an all-night feeding. I said, again, No to the tube up your nose. I rather wake up during the night and give you the corn starch than to see you with a tube up your precious little nose. So, I guess from now on until, who knows when, we'll just have to interrupt your sleep and take some corn starch. 
PS: The liver enzymes level went down yesterday to 80 and today Dr. Jassass checked it again, it was 67. So, that raises another question, which I didn't even think about until Madrina pointed it out: that Saturday 2 weeks ago Dr Athali said the enzymes could be so high because maybe the Methrotrexate is still filtering through your liver. That was 2 days after the treatment. But yesterday, only 1 day after treatment, the enzymes were down at 67! So, could it have been the virus causing this? Or is it something else? You have been struggling  with a cold for two weeks now, so I hope with all my heart that it was only the virus causing that high enzymes level.
Mommy and Daddy love you very much and we are very, very proud of you!

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